OSL Calibrate

OslMeasure the measurement and filter calculation application

OslMeasure : Acoustic calibration tool

Otherland Soundlabs Calibrate is a calibration framework for professional listening environments. It can be used to measure the acoustical properties of a listening room or studio and generates highly accurate compensation filters following a perception driven approach. It is based on novel filtering concepts from academia with an extremely low level of distortion. The generated filter is designed to correct problems of the listening enviroment by taking into account human auditory perception. The result is a calibration of the acoustical environment with no coloration of the original audio material or change of the fingerprint of the speakers. The framework constists of a portable gui application for measurement and filter parameter calculation and a VST3 compatible plugin which can be used in a digital Audio workstation on the master bus. All that is required is a ASIO compatible soundcard and a measurement microphone. OslCalibrate currently supports generic microphone compensation but will be able to compensate for the microphone characteristics of a wider variety in the future.

If you would like to try out the tool just send me a message via the contact form on this page and I will get in touch with you.